Timeshare Vacations–Using Wyndham Points in RCI

NOTE: Much of the information included in this post is valid, but as of January, 2011, some major changes occurred within the Wyndham system concerning usage of points.  To get the most current information, please click on this post.


In an earlier post, we discussed the Wyndham system and concentrated on using Wyndham points to book into Wyndham resorts. In this post, we would like to discuss using your Wyndham points or weeks and trading through RCI.

If you own a fixed week, and have never converted it to points, then you are limited to trading your week for another week that RCI has available. You need to be a member of RCI, (dues are $89 per year) and the exchange will cost you $189, if you do it over the phone. (It is $164 if done online). Of course, the advantage is that you get to go somewhere else, possibly at another time of the year.

You can book your vacation up to 2 years ahead of time, and many resorts will be available to you–not just Wyndham. If there is no availability , then RCI will initiate a search and call you when something is available. If, for some reason, you cannot use your Wyndham week this year, you can deposit it with RCI and have 2 years in which to use it.

If you own Wyndham points, you have several options. You can request that Wyndham make different-sized deposits into RCI. (See chart below) .  You can ask for generic or invisible deposits, in which case you need to call an RCI counselor to book a vacation. Or, you can ask Wyndham for a visible deposit, which would allow you to search online for your exchange. Just like the weeks deposit, you must belong to RCI and pay an exchange fee when you book a vacation. When you make a deposit into RCI, it is good for 2 years. This is especially helpful if you have some Wyndham points that are about to expire.

Exchange Points Chart:

Season              Studio             1BR                    2BR                  3BR

Red                 70,000       105,0000            154,000           254,000

White             42,000          77,000               126,000           189,000

Blue                 28,000         63,000                  77,000         154,000

A major advantage to depositing points in this way is that you are able to book more vacations for less points. Frequently, resorts to include Wyndham, will make a large deposit of unreserved inventory into RCI. They call this spacebanking. Usually Wyndham does this around 8 or 9 months out, but other resorts sometimes do it even earlier. When these spacebankings occur, you can often use a blue Wyndham studio (28k points) to reserve an entire week in prime or red time in a 2-bedroom unit.

For example: in 2008, we booked a 2-bedroom unit at Kona Hawaaian Village in January for 28k. Normally, this would have taken 231k points to reserve. This was a savings of 203k points that we could use for additional vacations. Also, this works if you have flexibility as to when and where you are willing to vacation.  Obviously, you will not secure a July week in Myrtle Beach in this way!

The down side is you must pay the $189.00 exchange fee but you are getting a lot more vacations for your points. We have been able to take 18 to 20 timeshare vacations a year and we only own 13 timeshares.Here is a list of some other exchanges we have made and the number of Wyndham points we have used:

Wyndham Grand Desert, Las Vegas               2BR               28k

Wyndham Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach             3BR               28k

Summit at Massanutten, VA                               2BR               28k

Smugglers’ Notch, VT                                             1BR              28k

Orange Lake Country Club, Orlando                 2BR             28k

Coral Reef, Hilton Head Island                            3BR             28k

Hilton Grand Vacation Club, Sea World           2BR             70k

Hilton GVC on the strip, Las Vegas                     2BR             70k

This gives you an idea of how to use your Wyndham points thru RCI. If you have questions leave a comment and we will do our best to answer it. We plan one more post on the Wyndham system in the near future. It will tie up some lose ends talking about Plus Partners, VIP, housekeeping credits, timing of when to book vacations and other issues. Keep checking back for more helpful info on how to use your Wyndham points and enjoy your timeshare vacations!

17 thoughts on “Timeshare Vacations–Using Wyndham Points in RCI”

  1. i have been a wyndham member for 2 years now. in december i had 116,000 points left so for the very first time i deposited them so i could use them through rci. i have never done the deposit thing before and i am very confused on what to do. i want to book our summer vacation but do not know how to do it. we are wanting to go to the ocean or maybe disney. how do i find out if the place we want to go is red or white? can you please tell me everything i need to do, i am so confused. and when i deposit my points will it show up through my rci account so i can look online to see where and when i can go? please help!

  2. I would suggest that you call RCi. They should be able to tell you if your points have been deposited on line or off line. If it is on line you can use the RCI web site to look for possible places to go. If off line you will call RCI and ask them to search for places and dates where you would like to travel. Keep reading and ask questions.

  3. I tried to bank my unuse points. Tell what I did wrong in trying to points at last day. december 31. what can do now about my use points

  4. hello, will we be able to use wyndham points to exchange for points weeks purchases through rci ( we are currently points and weeks rci members). is there a calculable points exchange value between rci and wyndham points? thank you, tony ricci

  5. Thanks for the questions. There is, to our knowledge, no chart or formula that would give an RCI points comparison with Wyndham points. If you do some checking with the same resort using RCI points and then use your Wyndham points, there seem to be a lot of differences. It looks to be between two to three times more Wyndham points then RCI points to book the same resort, unit size and time of the year.. For example, if you look at Bonnet Creek, it would take 82,000 RCI points to book a one bedroom,a whereas it would take 224,000 Wyndham points to book the same unit. This figures to be about 2.75 times difference. What we like to do when booking vacations is to look at the cost. We figure what it would cost to book a resort with our different options, like RCI points, weeks exchange, Wyndham points, etc and make our decision based on costs. We figure what it cost in maintenance fees and add the exchange fee and come up with a total for each way we can book it. Then go with the cheapest. Hope this helps.

  6. we purchased 27,000 smo options with gran melia, and we’re told to transfer them to RCI , so we would not lose them. if we transfer them to rci, is it into points or weeks? we would like to go to dc next yr (2012) between jun 5 – july 10 for a wk. how many points is needed? what about in niagara falls, or ny? thank you for the quick response in advance

  7. Carlos–we’d like to help you, but your questions are confusing. Gran Melia is a hotel chain–as far as we know it has no connection with Wyndham or any other timeshare chain. Please correct us if we’re wrong. We also know of no timeshares in Niagara Falls, and only one–the Manhattan Club–in NY, which is very hard to get into.
    Please write again and clarify if you are talking about Wyndham points, RCI points, or something else.

  8. Can a wyndham points owner purchase a vacation through RCI’s last call without using any points or is that option reserved for weeks owners only?

  9. Hello,

    I own a FLOATING week with Wyndham Bali Hai.

    What are my options for banking etc??? It’s not clear to me at all.

    Thank you!

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