Timeshare Tip – What to Take on Timeshare Vacations

If you are driving to your timeshare, you can obviously take many more things than you could if you were flying.  Therefore, this post will concentrate on a driving trip.

We have compiled what we call a Timeshare Tub. It measures approximately 23x16x8 inches and is made of hard plastic with a lid.  Actually, any type of container would work for this, but we find this one to be convenient because it is flat and suitcases can easily fit on top of it.  We keep a list of items on the computer that we print out every time we go. Many of the items remain in the tub between trips, so it’s a matter of replenishing items and possibly adding new ones that were not previously on the list.

So what to take? Everyone’s needs are different, but if we share our list with you, it will give you a starting point.

Non-food items: Pump soap, plastic cups, envelopes and stamps, Baggies, foil, sanitary wipes, laundry soap, fabric softener, paper plates, napkins, scotch tape, coffee jigger, pizza wheel, pizza pan, chip clips, candle, coupons, ice cream scoop, Saran Wrap, scissors matches, small flashlight.  We use most of these items every time we go.

Food items: Worcestershire sauce, coffee filters, dry minced onion, cooking spray (Pam), salt, pepper, parmesan cheese (non-refrigerated kind, in packets), Lawry’s Salt,  tea, coffee, timeshare recipes, powdered milk, rice and noodle mixes,  mac and cheese, small packets of catsup, mayo, etc.

Additional items to take: Usually we bring bottles of juice, potato chips, cookies, an unopened bottle of salad dressing, crackers, and possibly some canned goods to make Timeshare Casserole (see recipe in a previous post).  We’ve generally found that groceries are more expensive in resort areas than they are at home, so the more we can take along, the better.  Of course, you want to make sure that you’ll use a lot of what you bring, otherwise you just have a lot of stuff to drag around!

This plan works well if we are going to be gone more than a week.  If we’re away from home for a shorter time, we tend to eat dinner out more.  However, the Timeshare Tub still works great for breakfast, lunch and snacks and all those other things you have to deal with while on vacation.  We would definitely take our tub with us on a driving trip to indulge in one of many Las Vegas Packages, for example.

When we arrive home from a vacation, the Timeshare Tub goes back to the basement until the next time, when we re-stock for our other timeshare vacations.

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