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“Sell timeshare” is one of the most popular search terms on the internet in the timeshare area.  We would like to explore why and discuss how you might go about selling your timeshare if that is in fact what you want to do.

First there are a lot of people out there that do not have an idea of what they really own or how they might use it to most benefit  themselves and their family.  You need to educate yourself about your timeshare.  Read all of the information you were given when you purchased your timeshare.  Also, get on the internet and search for a web site for your resort and read some more.

Another good way would be that when you go to your resort, talk with the people at the resort.  Ask questions of other guests and the folks at the front desk.  Also, join a  group like TUG, which stands for Timeshare User Group.  They can be very helpful and have a section for you to post questions which others will answer.  There might also be other user groups for your resort– just do a Google search and see what you come up with.  When you realize the price you probably will get for your timeshare, you might just want to use it as best you can and forget about selling it!

Another option would be to donate your timeshare and use the donation as a tax write-off.  I would check with your tax person and talk to the resort about the necessary paperwork to transfer your deed.

You could also talk to the resort to see if they have any interest in buying back your week or in helping you to sell it.  Many resorts have a system for dealing with people who want to sell  timeshare deeds.  Some have a newsletter where you could advertise your unit for sale.  They might also give you an idea on what your deed might be worth.

You need to understand that your timeshare is not worth anywhere what you might think it is worth.  It is not worth what the sales people led you to believe it would be worth down the road, or what you paid for it from the developer.  In these economic times, the value of timeshares has dropped to a record low with many selling for a few dollars plus closing costs.  So you need to be realistic in what you might get for your timeshare.

You can try to sell your timeshare on your own.  Run ads in your local paper, post notices at work, talk to friends and family, and try other methods to reach people.  Many of the user groups for timeshares have a section where people can list timeshares they want to sell. Check our list of recommended web sites on our home page. You could also use eBay and or Craig’s List.  Do your research about what your resort is currently selling for based on unit size and timeshare season.

Another option would be to select a company to sell your timeshare.  Do NOT pay an upfront fee to sell your timeshare.  Check out these companies with care.  They run from scam artists to people trying to make a living helping people sell their timeshares.  Most use the internet and eBay –they set up the ads and take care of the auction and use a closing company to finish the transfer.

We wish you luck if you decide to sell your timeshare.  If you have questions please email us and we will try to help you out.

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