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Timeshare Vacations–an Overview of the Wyndham System

NOTE:  Much of the information included in this post is valid, but as of January, 2011, some major changes occurred within the Wyndham system concerning usage of points.  To get the most current information, please click on this post.

Wyndham Vacation Resorts is the largest timeshare company in the world with over 515,000 owners.  They started back in 1966  when they purchased property and built in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas.   They incorporated in 1969 as Fairfield Resorts.  In 2006 Fairfield Resorts became Wyndham Vacation Resorts.

The system includes over 150 Wyndham resorts and affiliate resorts,  located across the world. So, if you own in the Wyndham system, you really have access to many vacation choices right within the Wyndham system.  Most of the resorts fall under the RCI umbrella, but a few are affiliated with II. These trading companies allow owners access to thousands of resorts.

The Wyndham system can be complicated, but it also allows you a great deal of flexibility. Some study and time commitment is necessary to truly understand the ins and outs of the system.

Because Wyndham/Fairfield timeshares have been around for a long time, some of the earlier owners own fixed weeks. In other words, they own a certain week in a certain size unit. They may never desire to trade that week, so have no need to belong to an exchange company (RCI, II, etc.)  Or, they may opt to join an exchange company and trade that week for a week somewhere else, thus expanding their timeshare vacations.

The Point System

Some of these owners have opted to convert their fixed weeks to the point system, which is currently being sold by Wyndham.  The property you now buy is deeded, allocating you a certain resort, a certain size unit in a certain season–and a corresponding number of points. Seasons are pre-determined by supply and demand in that area and they differ from resort to resort.  Number of points needed to obtain a week also differ from resort to resort. Some of Wyndham’s recently built resorts tend to require more points  than most.

To illustrate this:  I could decide to buy a 2-bedroom at Wyndham Nashville in prime time.  I would be purchasing 154,000 points, which is what it would take to reserve that week.  If I bought a 2-bedroom in prime time at Bonnet Creek I would need to buy 224,00 points to reserve that week.


Wyndham Bonnet Creek


Many Wyndham owners use their points to stay exclusively at Wyndham properties. A post will follow giving additional information about using your points in this way.

Owners can also use their Wyndham points to trade within the RCI or II systems. Since most of the Wyndham resorts are affiliated with RCI, we’ll refer only to this exchange company from now on.

This leads to a new set of considerations with different rules and guidelines that you need to understand to use your Wyndham points successfully in RCI.  Watch for an upcoming post that will discuss this topic.