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Timeshare Travel–Salt Lake City, Utah-Part II

This is the second part of our trip report about our visit to Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah.  In the first part, we covered the timeshare and our activities in Park City.  If you have not read part one, we invite you to click here to read it.

While we were staying in Park City, we took 3 days and did some sightseeing, shopping and dining in Salt Lake City.  The drive was only about 30 miles, was mostly on the Interstate, and we had very little traffic or problems in getting to where we wanted to go. So, come along for a quick tour of Salt Lake City!

We spent most of one whole day and part of another touring the downtown complex of the Church of the Latter Day Saints.  There is no cost, and there are numerous guides to assist and provide tours to most of their buildings.  We had a very informative tour of the 26-story office building, and they gave us a lot of very interesting background and information about their religion. We toured the Beehive House, the home of Joseph Smith, one of the founding members.  We also visited several visitors’ centers which had excellent art works and numerous displays about their faith and religion.

The Latter Day Saints’ Cathedral, a beautiful white building in the center of their complex, is not open to the public.  The Mormon Tabernacle is open for tours and they do daily organ performances. The public is also welcome to attend Thursday practices of the 300 member Choir and Sunday morning concerts as well.  We did both the organ performance and the choir practice and they were both fantastic!  The acoustics in the building are outstanding and you can hear a pin drop, which they demonstrated.

We also spent part of two days in their incredible genealogy center, the largest in the United Sates.  They were most helpful by assigning a volunteer to aid us on our first visit.  We found and printed out some great family information.  We will probably continue this research when we return home, as we found it most interesting.

We also drove out to the Great Salt Lake one afternoon.  We went to one of the State Parks that charged a small fee to go over to Antelope Island.  We had some great views of the water, walked along the shore, went to the visitor center, and saw numerous buffalo. Because of the cooler fall weather, we did NOT take a swim!

We also went out to the largest open pit copper mine in the world.  It is one of only two man-made areas that the astronauts can see from outer space.  (The other is the Great Wall of China.)  They have a nice visitors’ center/museum that illustrated the history of the mine.  It was quite an impressive site to see!

We practiced some retail therapy at some nice shopping centers in the area, as well as going to the Trolley Square upscale mall.  The stores were all housed in old buildings that were part of the warehouses for the trolleys of Salt Lake City.

There were several sites we did not visit that some folks might find interesting, based on their time, age or number of kids in their party.  They include a zoo, an amusement park, the State Capital, Brigham Young University, as well as a couple of historical museums.

All in all we found the city to be clean and friendly, with numerous excellent restaurants in an area that we would like to return to.  Stay tuned for Part III: our second week in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park.