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Timeshare Tidbits Reader Alert

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We have been writing for Timeshare Tidbits for over 3 years,  and we have enjoyed it immensely. Our own timeshare knowledge has increased greatly, and we hope yours has, also.

Due to technical issues, we have found it in our best interests to leave Timeshare Tidbits intact and begin posting articles on our new website, The Timeshare Review. All of our 160+ articles on Timeshare Tidbits will remain online, so if you missed reading them or want to reread a particular posting, it will still be there. However, starting today, our new website will be known as The Timeshare Review, and all subsequent articles will be posted there. In fact, there are some waiting for you right now, so you may want to reset your bookmarks and head on over there! Happy timesharing!

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