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Wyndham Ocean Blvd., Myrtle Beach–Review and Trip Report

Our recent trip to Myrtle Beach was one of those “let’s take it easy, lay around, eat what we feel like eating and don’t stress out too much,” vacations. We were lucky that we were able to book 2 weeks at the same Wyndham resort, Ocean Blvd., in the same room.  Here’s our trip report:

Wyndham owns 4 resorts in the area:  Seawatch, Ocean Blvd., Westwinds and Wyndham Resort at Cherry Grove.  We actually own at Seawatch, but have found it easier to book at the larger Ocean Blvd, in North Myrtle Beach.  (It takes less Wyndham points to stay at Seawatch, so those units go faster and Ocean Blvd. usually does some spacebanking.)

All the resorts are on the ocean, and although we have been there about 5 times, now, never before have we had an actual oceanfront room—until now—without even trying!  They put us in a gorgeous 3-bedroom unit on the 8th floor directly facing the ocean.  It was the room of our dreams! Sadly, we had no one to share it with, as nobody that we invited could go during those 2 weeks.  So, we made the best of it, and had a great time, anyway

The units are pretty much typical Wyndham, complete with balcony, washer and dryer, full kitchen, Jacuzzi, and anything else you could want.  Three of the buildings are directly on the ocean; building #4 is not—it is behind the others, and across a street.  It is the original building, and you can still see the ocean from some of the units, at more of a distance.  All buildings have underground parking garages.

Ocean Blvd. is also home to The Cottages.  This neighborhood-like part of the resort is behind building 4, and consists of several 2, 3 and 4 bedroom houses that are quite attractive from the outside.  The main drawback is that they are so far from the beach, although there is a shuttle.  These would be ideal for a large family reunion, or for a family that dislikes the busier ocean scene.

In addition to Wyndham’s fantastic beach, there are 3 outdoor and 2 indoor pools, numerous hot tubs, sauna, game room, fitness room, and computer room.

The Activities Department at this resort works very hard to ensure that you have a great vacation.  Along with the usual kinds of offerings like Movie Night, Ice Cream Parties, spa treatments, Orientation Party and kids’ crafts and games, there were 2 that we hadn’t encountered anywhere else that were very enjoyable.

The first was a Murder Mystery.  It was a real challenge to the staff, as the week that we participated around 40 people showed up to play a game meant for about 15.  They assigned multiple people to each character part and passed out all kinds of costumes and instructions.  While we all munched on tortilla chips, salsa and lemonade, the “victims” fell to the floor.  We then received more instructions, and had to figure out whodunit.

The activity lasted about 90 minutes, and it was a great way to meet and mingleThe staff did a fantastic job of organizing and directing.  As a former teacher, I kept thinking it would have been so much easier to do something like Bingo, but the young activity staff was eager and enthusiastic!  Great job, guys!

The other activity that I personally enjoyed was the pottery-making.  A local company, Paint Your Pottery:  I Was Fired in SC, came in with all sorts of unfinished pottery, paints and other finishes.  The husband-and-wife team were extremely helpful in making suggestions and instructing artsy-deficient people like me.

I spent 2+ hours creating a plate with a beach scene—what a great souvenir! I had been wanting to do something like this for a long time, and because it was right there, I couldn’t pass it up. Generally speaking, I don’t usually do this kind of stuff on vacation, because I figure you can do it at home—but come to think of it, I got started on making bead jewelry in Gatlinburg . . .

Anyway, our trip to Myrtle Beach was fantastic—just what we needed, when we needed it, and a beautiful time to travel through the mountains of West Virginia to get there.  Now, for some “home” time and spring cleaning!