Welcome to Timeshare Tidbits.  We are excited to offer some advice, experiences and mistakes we have had in our years of timesharing.  We are John and Barb and have been timesharing for some 15 years.  We currently own thirteen weeks of timeshare and usually travel around twenty weeks a year. Some of our resorts have been purchased resale, some bought from sales people at a couple of sold-out resorts, and some from eBay.  We currently do most of our trading through RCI but we were members of Interval International for three years. We own in the Hilton and Wyndham systems and we also own some weeks at individual resorts that belong to RCI. Some of our resorts are in RCI Weeks and others are in RCI Points.  We did own in the Marriott system, but for several reasons we ended up selling it. If you know absolutely nothing about timesharing, all this is probably confusing to you.  But if you want to learn about timesharing, this site is a good place to begin.

Over the years we have learned a lot.  We talk to other timeshare people every time we travel and pick their brains.  We have attended numerous timeshare sales presentations and we are heavy internet users.  We belong to TUG (Timeshare User Group), Timeshare Forum, and a couple of Wyndham user groups. We love to timeshare and try to maximize our weeks and get the most out of our experiences with the least amount of money.

Our goal is to share with you what we have learned and hope you will also use this forum to share your experiences with our readers.  If you have questions, we hope you will ask them and we will do our best to answer them.

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